Dry Bag Multipack Divider Set 3L + 6L + 8L

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This waterproof Dry Bag multipack is ideal for use inside other non-waterproof bags to divide your contents and include a base grab handle to allow easy removal from your bag.

Thanks to our clever Fold Seal Systemâ„¢ and fully taped seams, you can get as wet, sandy or muddy as you like without your valuables suddenly becoming worthless.

Manufactured from feather light Nylon material allowing them to fold into pretty much nothing when not in use, so the ideal travel companion when you can’t predict what water hazards may be around the corner.

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Waterproof dry bags (Class 3), Floats safely if dropped in water, Suitable for quick submersion, Base grab handles, Protects contents from dust, sand, dirt and water, Full taped seams, Made of nylon coated super-light material, Easy to store away, Multi-purpose storage application, Lightweight and compact


1x 3 Litre Dry Bag, 1x Red 6 Litre Dry Bag, 1x Yellow 8 Litre Dry Bag