Scouts First Aid Courses

We currently offer the Scout “First Response” course and update course to members of Greater London South West Scout Council and Epsom and Ewell District Scouts.

Courses are run throughout the year and set up at the request of training managers and Group Scout Leaders.

    The full 6 hour First Response course covers a minimum of:

  • Principles of first aid and initial response (arriving and managing an incident)
  • Initial response to a first aid situation
  • Management of an unconscious casualty (child or adult)
  • CPR, including technique for children and an explanation of what AED is and how to use it
  • Shock
  • Causes and treatment of unconsciousness
  • Bleeding
  • Heat exhaustion, heatstroke, dehydration and hypothermia
  • Burns and scalds
  • Fractures (ambulance imminent and non-imminent) and soft tissue injuries
  • Minor injuries (for example cuts, grazes and nose bleeds)
  • Meningitis
  • Anaphylaxis (use of Epi pen)
  • Spinal injury

We also offer training to young people through our Mini-medics scheme, so if you would like us to come and teach your young people – get in touch.

Beavers will reach level 1 or 2 of the staged activity badge, Cubs Level 3 and Scouts Level 4. For Explorers we run the Scout First Response, which covers level 5 and Module K of the young leader scheme.

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