Finding an AED

When someone suffers a sudden cardiac arrest it is vital that that we act quickly as every second counts. Knowing the location of your nearest AED can be the difference between life and death.

Most public access AEDs are easy to use with voice guided instructions, allowing you to respond and provide immediate life saving treatment, before the emergency services arrive.

Using an AED within the first 3-5 minutes of a Sudden Cardiac Arrest can increase a victims chance of survival from less than 5% to as much as 70%.
AEDs have been designed to be used by virtually anyone with little or no training or experience.

Where can I find my nearest AED / Defibrillator?

We recommend two sites to find a defibrillator

If you are on a desktop device use the HeartSafe AED Locator. The site allows you to enter your postcode to find your nearest AED.

The second AED finder we recommend is the GoodSAM App.

Operating Internationally, GoodSAM (Smartphone Activated Medics)incorporates the world’s most advanced emergency alerting and dispatching platform with a community of over 40,000 highly governed trained and trusted responders.

The GoodSAM Cardiac system integrates with ambulance service CAD (computer aided dispatch) systems to trigger bystander response while the ambulance service is on route. GoodSAMPro provides a Community First Responder (CFR) dispatch system dispatching advanced care beyond cardiac arrest. Now with “Instant-On-Scene” – the emergency services can see the scene/patient via a video link. The system is now used by police, fire and other services for a host of emergency situations.

The World’s largest AED Registry now introduces the world’s first mobile AED Registry:
The GoodSAM community has mapped over 40,000 Public Access AEDs. This is done by taking a picture of a fixed location AED (e.g. fixed to a wall) and uploading it through the App. The location of the AED is then checked and appears on our mapping system.

AEDs don’t Save Lives – People with AEDs do

There are many more AEDs out there and we figured that many of these are not fixed, but travelling around in people’s cars. In London over 900 police vehicles have AEDs. In some places, taxis carry AEDs and of course many first aid trained people do… and so we have now introduced the world’s first mobile AED registry!

If you carry an AED in your car, simply click “I have an AED” in the GoodSAM responder app and both you and your AED can be used as a resource.

We believe that AED data should belong to the statutory ambulance service and share our data with our ambulance service partners. The data is also open to everyone in a location controlled manner.

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