Business First Aid Consulting

At FirstAidEasy we offer simple advice on your first aid needs and risk assessment. Taking into account the activities of your business, number of staff, location and other risk factors we can advise on what plan, training and equipment you should have. We offer accredited training in partnership with NUCO Awards, provide everything from a simple first aid kit up to a full response kit, AEDs, Oxygen and more.

First Aid need not be a arduous or difficult problem for your business, simple risk assessments, checking you have the right kit and training (if required) are all available from us and advice is free.

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HSE and Business Requirements

The information below is provided by the UK Health and Safety Executive (HSE)

HSE cannot tell you what provision you should make for first aid. You, as an employer, are best placed to understand the exact nature of your workplace and decide what you need to provide.

First aid provision must be ‘adequate and appropriate in the circumstances’. This means that you must provide sufficient first aid equipment (first aid kit), facilities and personnel at all times.

In order to decide what provision you need to make you should undertake a first-aid needs assessment. This assessment should consider the circumstances of your workplace, workforce and the hazards and risks that may be present. The findings will help you decide what first-aid arrangements you need to put in place.

    In assessing your first-aid needs, you should consider:

  • The nature of the work you do
  • Workplace hazards and risks (including specific hazards requiring special arrangements)
  • The nature and size of your workforce
  • The work patterns of your staff
  • Holiday and other absences of those who will be first-aiders and appointed persons
  • Your organisation’s history of accidents
    • You may also need to consider:

    • The needs of travelling, remote and lone workers
    • The distribution of your workforce
    • The remoteness of any of your sites from emergency medical services
    • Whether your employees work on shared or multi-occupancy sites
    • First-aid provision for non-employees (eg members of the public).

HSE has published further guidance on all the factors above that will help you carry out your first-aid needs assessment.

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