AED Buyers Guide

If you are in a position to purchase or decided that you aim to purchase an AED for your workplace, club or other location there is several things to consider.

  • What is the 10 year cost of the AED you plan to purchase?
    The ZOLL AED3 has a 10 year cost of around £250, this is because it has one battery and one set of pads for adult or child rescue. Most other AEDs have higher costs, some are over £700.
  • Does the AED you are consider treat children?
    The AED3 has one set of pads and a button for treating children, the AED asks when you start a rescue and prompts you to press the child button if you are treating one. This changes the assessment algorithm and shock delivered. Many other AEDs require the rescuer to physically change the pads to pediatric pads.
  • How easy is it to monitor your AED?
    AEDs need to be visually checked weekly and switched on once a month for a further check. This relies on busy people to remember to check the AED. The ZOLL AED3 has Plus-Trac, this connects to your wifi and automatically checks itself. If there is a problem an email is sent prompting you to fix the issues.
  • CPR-Help
    All AEDs will usually have a beep or metronome indicating the correct speed for compressions. The ZOLL range has more than that with Real CPR Help, the ONLY manufacturer to have this.
    Real CPR Help, a technology developed by ZOLL and incorporated into all their defibrillators, provides real-time feedback to the rescuer on the rate and depth of chest compressions during CPR. This technology is clinically proven to improve the quality of CPR delivered to victims of a cardiac arrest by up to 277%.
  • Easy to use?
    It is vitally important that AEDs are easy to use. Clear instructions and guidance mean that a rescuer can use the AED and do CPR confidently and without confusion.
    The ZOLL range of AEDs gives clear voice instructions on what to do, the AED3 has the addition of a clear colour touch screen display with animations on what to do, a great addition if the rescuer is hard of hearing or in a noisy environment.
  • Where will you store it?
    If possible AEDs should be “public Access” but we understand the risks involved in leaving an AED available and the possibility of it being stolen.
    We offer a wide range of mobile, internal and external storage solutions. We are happy to advise you on the correct solution for your location and only offer products we consider wrty of the job. With access to a wide range of products we believe we can provide the correct solution for your need.

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